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Formulating the Perfect Cafe World Menu

Countless tantalizing menu options are possible in Cafe World. As you progress to more advanced levels of play, you will inevitably unlock more and more of these wonderful choices. It is easy to allow your own preferences to ultimately dictate which dishes you prepare, and there is certainly no harm in a little indulgence. From a business perspective, however, you may want to consider a wider variety of dishes. They should be chosen more analytically and strategically in order to have greater success in your cafe.

Make Your Menu Plan Fit Your Schedule

When pondering what to cook, your primary consideration should be the time frame. You need to be sure that you are available to return to check on the cafe and move the finished entrees from the stove to the serving counters. Regardless how brilliantly designed your menu is, it will not be a success if you can’t make it back to the cafe and end up leaving the food for too long.

It is of paramount importance to avoid letting your food lay on the stove too long, as it will spoil quite rapidly. This will be a double loss, in that the chance to serve your dish is gone resulting in you having to wait longer to refill your serving counters, and it’s also a financial loss in the waste of ingredients. Additionally, there is the payment you will be charged to clean up your mess. Although its not any substantial amount, it will start to add up especially with the money you are out for the spoiled food.

Consider Servings Per Entree

An additional aspect to contemplate when determining what to cook on a day to day basis is the number of servings each recipe will cater to. This is significant for two main reasons. The first is that its preferable to prepare plenty of food so that it will last until you return to your cafe and replenish your serving counters. This allows you to keep earning money all day and night, while you are not even there, which is undoubtedly the optimal set up.

The second reason this essential is because when you are removing a new dish from the stove, you need to have an empty serving counter on which to place it. If the new dishes are just more of something you are already serving, then you can just add the new servings to the left-overs. Conversely, if you have an entirely different entree coming off the stove, you’ll need to have an empty spot accessible on the counter. This is one factor in crafting a menu that is often left undone, but is actually quite important since it can lead to a lot of spoiled food when there is nowhere put your entree.

Cost Per Serving

Naturally, you want to consider how much money you’ll earn whenever a customer eats in your cafe. Maximizing your cost will ensure you get the highest return per hour since you will be extracting the greatest amount possible out of each patron of your cafe. This of course, is the main objective of a successful business owner.