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Cool Cafe World Strategies

No wonder everyone and his mother are on Facebook because Zynga keeps creating these addicting games to keep more people playing and enjoying their times. Cafe World is not an exception.

Someone might think that all Zynga games are based on one idea but I know that Cafe World is different. You will encounter common terms like leveling up, making your restaurant bigger, getting cash and points. But the strategy for this game is different than that of a very similar game (Restaurant City). In Cafe World you are the cook in your restaurant and you need to do the work with your own hands.

There are no cheats that I know but there are some strategies that will put you ahead of the other players in no time if you had a passion for game.

At the beginning you have limited budget to begin and you have few items that will give you cash and Cafe points. Every kind of meal has a time to cook and it is known that meals that take less time to prepare will give you fewer coins and points. The cool strategy here is to begin cooking the dishes that takes less time and when you prepare some and master the cooking you can practice multi tasking by cooking the dishes that takes much time. Start selling the fast serving meals and wait for the big meals without compromising. You will get an unstoppable cash flow if you played for a long time.

Some players lose ingredients, money and efforts because they leave food on stoves and log off. The funny thing here is that the game will still be running even if you are not online. If you had kept some food on stoves and logged off you will find the stoves dirty and you will need to clean them. You will lose money, time, ingredients and efforts to try to clean up the mess. Do not keep anything on stoves if you are logging out of the game.

You will start getting some money if you played well. You have to plan spending that money because as you may know it is not easy to get money in Cafe World. So you have to keep some money to buy ingredients to keep your business running. You have to keep some money to invest in your restaurant like changing the decoration.

Planning and time management is what makes Cafe World a different game. You have to keep long-term planning and be patient if you want to level up and beat all the players.