Food Travel Primer And Tips

Food travel used to be a necessity back when humans had to hunt for sustenance. Now, it’s more of a pleasure and a passion for those with an urge to satisfy their taste buds. From restaurant critics forever on the lookout for a new find to culinary learning vacations and walking foodie tours, there’s a whole new world awaiting discovery.

All the major types of food travel are listed below, but those interested should realize that it’s not just about eating or taking a city tour. This has as much to do with preparing food and learning about the culture behind each dish and place. Not to mention the pleasure of the journey and getting to know each city intimately, as opposed to flying to ten different destinations just for the tourist attractions.

The single most popular type is culinary tourism. This can be in the form of visitors getting a package deal which includes a resort stay, free meals and cooking classes taught by expert chefs. It could also be a tour of a region famous for its culinary offerings, like Italy’s Tuscany, France’s Loire, California’s Napa Valley or Australia’s Hunter Valley.

Lessons Learned in the Tea Room

Take two parts training and three parts hard knocks. Shake them together and you get a lifetime of lessons learned on the front line in the tea business industry. 8 years of ups and downs have taught me a few simple steps that can save you hours of heartache if applied now.

Here are the top 3 lessons that I learned in the tea business:

Lesson #1 A Consistent Atmosphere Creates Loyalty

What does the public library and Starbucks have in common? I would venture to guess it is a consistent atmosphere. Before you enter the door you know what atmosphere to expect and are inwardly grateful.

Start A Bar Strategically

Entrepreneurs around the globe are constantly turning to the hospitality industry to expand their empires and grow their wealth. The decision to start a bar is one that should be carefully considered – whilst operating a bar can be an extremely lucrative venture, there are detailed blueprints to be made and many risks at stake. Only through careful planning and meticulous research can you successfully turn your vision into a reality – there is much more to this industry than meets the eye. Before the red tape is cut and the celebrities begin posing for the paparazzi over your carefully chosen cuban cigars and XO Cognac, there are a number of key concepts that you’ll need to understand and master before you can reap the benefits of being ‘the owner’.

Listed below are some strategies and ground rules you’ll need to understand in order to increase your chances of hospitality success, ranging from initial market research through to staff selection and the general public’s perception of your venue.

Firstly, you’ll need to do your market research – it is not an intelligent business venture to blindly open a five star venue and hope for five-star customers to show up. The most successful businesses, regardless of industry, know the importance of performing extensive market research. Doing so gives a person or group the opportunity to research specific information about their potential customers (which will vary greatly between geographical locations – For example, researching one particular suburb or shire may not reflect the demographics of a neighboring suburb or shire – it is extremely essential to research all influencing areas). Knowing the gender, age, income, education, occupation and buying habits of a concentrated group according to location can help influence a number of decisions in the beginning phases of starting a bar. Contact your local council for publicly released census information (if possible in your area) to determine the demographics of your target location.

Famous Cafes

Coffee houses and cafés have historically had a very rich tradition of serving as not only social hubs but as important gathering places for intellectuals of all kinds. Here are some famous cafés that have played a role in both the history of coffee as well as politics, literature, art, and science.

Antico Caffe Greco (Rome)

Opened in 1760, as the oldest bar in Rome and second oldest in all of Italy, Antico Caffè Greco began as a haven and meeting place for intellectuals of all sorts and remains one today. Historical figures that frequented the cultural hub include Stendhal, Lord Byron, John Keats, and Hans Christian Anderson. Located near the Spanish Steps, it still has that an atmosphere heavy with history, like much of the beautiful city that surrounds it.

Café Riche (Cairo)

Café Riche, founded in 1904, has been a coffee house and planning center for revolution since its beginnings. Egyptian intellectuals gathered there to prepare for the 1919 revolution against the British. In 1952, Nasser sat there to plan the dethroning of King Farouk, and, in much more recent times, it has played a role in the Egyptian “Arab Spring.” Today it combines the old and the new, from relics like an old printing press in a secret wine cellar, to serving as a safe haven for modern day protesters in Tahrir Square.

Cool Cafe World Strategies

No wonder everyone and his mother are on Facebook because Zynga keeps creating these addicting games to keep more people playing and enjoying their times. Cafe World is not an exception.

Someone might think that all Zynga games are based on one idea but I know that Cafe World is different. You will encounter common terms like leveling up, making your restaurant bigger, getting cash and points. But the strategy for this game is different than that of a very similar game (Restaurant City). In Cafe World you are the cook in your restaurant and you need to do the work with your own hands.

There are no cheats that I know but there are some strategies that will put you ahead of the other players in no time if you had a passion for game.

World Layout For Cafes

For some people they dream everyday is to open a café for themselves, this place offers a great atmosphere for having fun and in turn this becomes a dream to own one for yourself. And the company of Zynga is one that lets people have the experience of owing their own café without all the necessary kind of functioning in the business world.

The most important part of this game which you have entered is to deal with the issue of the world café layout. The very appearance of the café is what sells it off as people want to be in a very calm and relaxing environment to spend some peaceful time whether by themselves or together with someone. The whole idea of this game is to build networks and get people to visit and so you can toggle with the layout plan to get the right combination.

The next thing about this café is that it should be very spacious with little furniture in there, and the customer should be free to order at anytime and also their friends should feel some kind of comfort when walking and not having to worry about eavesdroppers. A person can open the café by dragging the chairs around to try many different combinations. This can also be done by putting them at the cashier and this means they are for sale, this would then bring in some funds and then you would be able to purchase a new set of chairs.

Open A Cafe

If you dream of that cozy little café on the corner enticing visitors to come inside, it may not be as far as you think. Making the decision to open a café is not an overnight choice. A lot of thought and planning must go into any business undertaking. Mapping out a complete and thorough business plan is always your first action.

A business plan will allow for a greater description of your café. If there is a certain theme or style you wish to apply to the café it will need to be expressed in as much detail as possible. Investors and business partners want to see that you have clearly thought out all aspects and possess a strong vision. The choice to purchase or lease your structure will come in here as well. There are pros and cons to each so you need to know what will be most beneficial to your situation. A lease is often easier to obtain and does not leave you with a building to sell if the café isn’t successful.

When selecting your location, choices should be based on your chosen target market. For example, some may open a café on the side of the highway because their chosen consumer is the travellers and truck drivers. Alternatively, you will also find cafes in quiet neighborhoods where they are accessible by foot as well as car. Location plays a huge role in deciding who will walk through your door with money in hand.